About Me


My name is Marie, I'm a twenty-something from the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm currently in school majoring in Communications & Marketing. I enjoy taking pictures, blogging (been blogging since 99'), discovering new foods/places to eat, falling in love with new beauty products, reading and sleeping (college students can never get too much sleep)! Oh and I also like spending time with my guy friend.

I previously had a strictly beauty blog prior to this one that I started in 2009 under the name foolishxlady but I got tired of the name (completely unware that I could change it at any time) and as many times as I attempted to venture off into reviewing other things besides just beauty products, it just didn't work out or didn't feel right. So I decided to create a new blog for a fresh new start. I hope that made sense!

So welcome to my new review blog! I'll be reviewing not only beauty products but everyday products, snacks, entertainment and anything else I can think of! 

If you need anything, feel free to email me here:

I'd love to hear from you!