Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Review: Fruit2day - Mango Peach

I stumbled on these back in 07' and I've been hooked ever since!

The Fruit2day website claims:
It's a drinkable and edible fruit snack with bits of real fruit that's unlike anything you've tried before. Fruit2day is a blend of natural fruit juices, rich fruit purees and delicious bits of real fruit.

And it's true. While this is a fruit drink, it's also an edible one at that. In addition to really delicious fruit juice, you get bits of the fruits in it. My favorite is the Mango Peach. Probably because I'm obsessed with all things Mango Peach lol. 

My only complaint is that the bottles are so tiny! The normal small bottles are 6.25oz while the new bigger ones are 28oz. I haven't had the pleasure of buying one of those yet!

These fruit drinks are great for a mid-day snack considering it contains both a drink and fruit bits.

Have you tried these? Which flavor is your favorite?