Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Snacking: Caramel Apple Sugar Babies

One of my favorite candies since middle school are those apple lollipops that are legit dipped in caramel. I haven't bought a bag of those in over six years because every time I do, no matter where I store them ants find them. Every single time. It never fails and it baffles me every single time! So I avoid buying bags of them but I still haven't had one since like 2004.

Every year I see Caramel Apple Sugar Babies and every year I just walk right by them. I've never had Sugar Babies and even though this is in a "caramel apple" flavor I just never really bothered. Until this year.

As you can see, they're little green pebble looking things. Nothing fancy. They almost look like peas. Except you can see the caramel peaking out from some of them. They're all in odd shapes, some are bigger than others but for the most part, the bigger pieces seem to all be the same general size.

While Caramel Apple Sugar Babies sure do taste like caramel and tarty green apples, they're also incredibly sweet. Like someone just over did it on what tastes heavily like Brown Sugar. I could totally be wrong but that's what it sorta tastes like and that's what the texture feels like after you've gotten down to the last bit of your piece.

I like this enough that it satisfies my caramel apple lollipop cravings but I don't like the fact that after about two handfuls my stomach regrets consuming so much sugar in so little time.

If you're craving caramel apple candy I would definitely say give these a try.

Happy snacking!