Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Preview: New E.L.F summer products

I use to blog about E.L.F a lot on my previous beauty blog but lately there hasn't been much new with E.L.F enough to impress me to write up some reviews. I got an email from this this morning about 50 new products but you know how sometimes they claim these things so I wasn't expecting too much. Jokes on me, looks like they're releasing a ton of new products!

I'm really interested in the Baked products (for $3 I'm hoping I'm getting a great deal here), the Mist, the Nail Polish Set, the new mascara there on the bottom (with the weird ball thing going on) and I'm a little curious about the new Little Black Beauty Book (even though I haven't had the best experience with their previous ones).

E.L.F currently has a promo for either $10 off the entire site (ends 6/11) or $2.95 shipping (ends 6/11). I have a feeling I'll have a haul to share next week (:

What are you looking forward to // curious about?